Commitment to Multiculturalism


“I hope you will join me in continually working to ensure that our university always holds and promotes as core values diversity, inclusion and respect, and strives to maintain an environment where everyone feels safe and valued.”

Randy Woodson (March 25th, 2015)

The Wolfpack consists of individuals from different packs – each student here comes from a different place with different experiences and identities. Through this page, the Counseling Center affirms its commitment to our diverse student body and to the provision of culturally competent services. It will seek to illuminate events, initiatives, and issues that relate to these core values of “diversity, inclusion and respect” while striving to increase feelings of safety and validation in our campus environment.

Counseling Center Response to Charlottesville

“NC State stands in solidarity with UVA, the citizens of Charlottesville, and others across the country against these and all acts of hate, bigotry and racism.” – Chancellor Randy Woodson “The American Psychological Association condemns