Satellite Office on Centennial

The Satellite Office is located in Suite 100 in Research II Building on Centennial Campus. The office is for scheduled appointments only. Please go to our office on Main Campus (second floor of Student Health Center) to schedule an appointment. For emergency assistance, or for academic services. Call our Main Campus office at 919.515.2423 to reschedule or for any urgent situations.

1009 Capability Drive | Research II Building, Suite 100

Getting to the Centennial Office

There is “C” and “F” parking available. There are also two bus stops in close proximity. If you are unable to use those lots, take the bus or walk, there is a paid lot across the street. The Counseling Center can absorb the cost of parking for those students who cannot afford it and have no other alternative. To receive parking validation, call the front office  at 919.515.2423 while at the “pay to park” machine. Front office staff will provide a one-time use code to enter into the machine that allows two hours of parking.