Fast Facts


Many present day services evolved from those the original Counseling Center offered in 1956 such as financial aid, international student services, disability services, standardized testing, pre-admission counseling and exit interviews, as well as the personal, academic and career counseling that remain in its purview today. The last 10 years have witnessed tremendous growth in visibility and scope of services. The center moved to the present location in the Student Health Services building in 1999.


  • Twenty counselors, fifteen psychologists, four psychiatrists, six social workers, four support staffers and twelve trainees.


Student Health Center and an office on Centennial Campus


  • Provide individual and group therapy to over four-thousand students.
  • Offer workshops on a wide variety of mental health topics throughout the university community.
  • Provide training and supervision to emerging professionals in the fields of counseling, psychology and social work.
  • Engage students in creating awareness and cultivating wellness through the Mental Health Ambassador program.