Application Process – Counseling Practicum and Internship (Master’s Level)

The Counseling Center at NC State offers Practicum and Internship Opportunities for Graduate Students in all mental health disciplines.  Our training program reflects the values of our multidisciplinary agency.  We strive to create a cohort of trainees from diverse disciplines, training programs, practices, and backgrounds.

We prefer individuals are able to make the commitment to do a full academic year of training.  This could include your Practicum for one full semester followed by your Internship or your internship broken up over 2 semesters or your Practicum followed by two semesters of Internship.  Our center allows for a strong clinical experience with a wide range of issues.  This is an unpaid opportunity but training and supervision are provided.

To apply you will need to Complete our Application where you will provide us with:

  1. Your Professional Vita or Resume
  2. Letter of Interest which outlines your professional goals as well as describing why you are seeking to work at the Counseling Center and with the university population.
  3. Response to some short answer questions that help us to identify your goals and interests in your training experience.

We will not have space for any additional Master’s Level trainees until our Fall 2017 – Spring 2018 cohort begins.  Our deadline for application for full consideration is March 31.  It would be best to contact us to let us know that you plan to submit if you are not able to do so by that date.

Complete your Application Online which forwards it on to the training director.

Once your application materials have been received, selected candidates will be invited to an interview with training program staff. We hope to complete the interviews quickly and should be able to reach a decision by mid-April. The number of Practicum students and/or Interns selected each year depends on a variety of factors, including office space availability, availability of supervisors, and the number of qualified applicants. We typically have more students interested in training here than we have space available, and obtaining a placement may be competitive.

Look forward to hearing from interested trainees!