Evaluation Procedures – Doctoral Psychology Internship

All staff involved in training will give feedback designed to both support and challenge the intern’s development. Formal evaluations will be provided to the intern and the intern’s home graduate department in January and July of the internship year. Informal evaluations will take place in October and April, and will not be written, but will follow the same evaluation criteria as the formal evaluations. The Training Director will work with the interns and supervisors to ensure these evaluations are completed.

The areas covered on the formal evaluations are the Profession-Wide Competencies:

  • Research
  • Ethical and Legal Standards
  • Individual and Cultural Diversity
  • Professional Values, Attitudes, and Behaviors
  • Communication and Interpersonal Skills
  • Assessment
  • Intervention
  • Supervision
  • Consultation and Interprofessional/Interdisciplinary Skills

Intern Feedback for Supervisors and Training Staff:

Interns will also be asked to evaluate elements of our Training Program at the conclusion of their training, but will also have a chance to give feedback in an ongoing manner, as they move through the internship year via evaluations for supervisors and evaluations of training seminars.

Grievance Procedures
A Grievance Procedure is the process used when a trainee has a complaint against the training program.  This might include concerns about supervision, evaluations, harassment, etc.

Due Process Procedures
Due Process is the procedure that is followed when a trainee’s performance or behavior is problematic.  This procedure is to ensure fair decisions are made regarding the trainee’s performance and suitability for continued training and clinical practice in our Counseling Center.