Sample Weekly Schedule – Doctoral Psychology Internship

The Doctoral Psychology Internship is a full-time, one year, paid internship.  A sample 40-hour weekly schedule is described below. While the experiences described in this section generally remain constant, the specific number of hours devoted to each activity may vary.  This is a sample of a typical Intern schedule and may be modified depending on the time of the year, completion of activities or seminars, and with respect to any specialized focus, and any systemic changes in the Center.

Sample of Weekly Training Activities


Direct Services Activities: Hours Per Week
Intakes (Personal, Academic & Career) 3
Individual Counseling Follow-Ups 10 – 15
(Personal, Academic & Career)
Triage 0 – 2
Outreach Programming 0 – 4
Group Counseling 0 – 2
Consultation 0 – 1
After Hours / On-Call 0 – 2 (Rotates through staff)
Observing Senior Staff 0 – 1
Total Direct Service: Ave 20 – 25


Training – Supervision Activities:

Individual Supervision 3
Group Supervision 1
Group Therapy Supervision .5
Didactic Training Seminar 0-2
Case Consultation 1
Supervision of Supervision 0-1
Multicultural Seminar 0-1
Triage Seminar 0-1
Assessment Seminar 0-1
Total Training & Supervision: Ave 10.5


Administrative Activities:

Clinical Notes & Paperwork 5
Preparation for Supervision 1
Outreach Preparation 0 – 2
Dissertation 2
Staff Meeting 1
Director of Training Meeting 0-1
Committee Meetings 0 -2
Intern Process Hour 1
Total Administrative  Ave 10
Approximate Totals: 40

Please note: We expect all trainees to take a lunch break when appropriate (when full or most of day is worked).  Self-care is essential for a positive and successful training experience.  We attempt, with all staff, to encourage balancing our busier times with some respite where possible. We feel that for all new professionals learning to set limits and establishing reasonable goals is an important part of self-care and is a goal of the training program. Also, trainees are not able to see students after the Center is closed, unless the supervisor has agreed to remain and be available.  This does not include educational outreach presentations which may be scheduled after-hours.