Post-Master’s Counseling/Social Work Fellowship


We have a multidisciplinary team working together to provide solid training and growth opportunities for trainees.  Our fast-paced, Counseling Center is housed within the Student Health Center at NC State University.  The strength of our training program includes our dedicated staff, the Center’s commitment to training, and our outstanding trainees.

Post-Master’s Fellowship Program Description

The Counseling Center offers trainees the opportunity in virtually ever area of center functioning to provide a rich training experience and preparation to enter the mental health care field. Learn more.

Model of Training

Our training program is based on the values inherent in the Practitioner-Scholar model. As practitioners, we value the learning that comes through direct experience with others and thoughtful self-reflection. As scholars, we recognize the importance of theory, research and critical thinking. Learn more.

Sample Weekly Schedule

A sample 40-hour weekly schedule is provided. While the experiences described in this section generally remain constant, the specific number of hours devoted to each activity may vary. Learn more. Learn more.

Application Process

We do not anticipate having any openings for the for the 2021-2022 Academic Year. If you have any questions, please contact Noah Martinson at