Over the weekend communities from around the world were shocked into violent reality as a shooter killed 50 and injured more at the prominent Orlando club, Pulse.  While the Counseling Center mourns for those affected directly by this terrible tragedy, we also desire to support our NC State community. Wolfpack, please consider:

  • If you have been impacted by the incident at Pulse and would like additional support, please do not hesitate to walk-in to the Counseling Center.  In addition, please utilize other campus supports such as friends, professors, mentors, and advisors – social connectedness can help decrease the negative impact of this type of event.
  • Today (June 13th), Counseling Center staff will be present at the GLBT Center from 2 – 4pm to participate in the creation of a safe space for anyone to come and process their feelings around the incident.  These hours may expand and may also be available on Tuesday, stay updated at: https://www.facebook.com/NCStateGLBTCenter/
  • The world has rallied its support around #prayfororlando, #orlando, #pulseorlando, #orlandounited, and #orlandostrong among others.  These and other online forums are a good way to express your feelings and be a part of a bigger message to those who were directly affected.
  • As you care for and support others, please remember to self-care as needed.  If you are supporting other and need support of your own, please visit the Counseling Center.

Once again, the NC State Counseling Center suffers and stands with all Wolfpack members to condemn violence in all its forms.  

Please contact Angel Bowers (abjohns2@ncsu.edu) for outreach requests related to this incident.  

Walk into the Center for assistance anytime between 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Utilize our after-hours on-call service 919.515.2423 if needed.


We are one Pack,

Your NC State Counseling Center Family