Current Trainees

Matt Bishop, Post-Masters Fellow

M.Ed., (2019) LCMHCA, NCC
I believe that a therapeutic experience is most transformative when it is collaborative, empowering, and tailored to the individual.  I aim to provide that experience by using a relational approach that is informed by each person’s unique culture and values.  I integrate this framework with evidence-based interventions grounded in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dialectical Behavior Therapy.
My clinical interests include anxiety, depression, identity development, interpersonal relationships, adjustment issues, and coping with trauma.  That being said, I conceptualize each individual using a wellness model where the focus is on the person as a whole and not limited to their identified problems or potential diagnoses.

Jimmy Chen, Psychiatry Resident

M.D. (2016)

I am a second year Child and adolescent fellow at UNC. I went to UNC for undergrad and medical school and completed my residency at George Washington University in DC. Looking forward to working with all of the students and faculty at NC State.

Mala Chintalapudi, Post-Master’s Fellow

M.Ed., (2020) LCMHCA, NCC

As a counselor, I use Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT) as a framework to understand human experience. I use visual arts, mindfulness and experiential techniques to help clients pursue a rich, values-driven life. I am originally from India, but have lived in the United States for several years.  I have a special interest in collaborating with International students and helping them navigate cross cultural barriers and explore how our individual and collective identities influence our life experiences.

Jackson Howard, Doctoral Psychology Intern

M.S. (2017)

Jack is a doctoral psychology intern who earned his B.S. from Spring Hill College (’15), M.S. from the University of Southern Mississippi (’17), and is finishing up his doctorate in counseling psychology (Ph.D.) at the University of Southern Mississippi (’21). Jack’s approach to therapy involves creating a non-judgmental atmosphere where clients can feel free to explore their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors as well as past events and current stressors. Jack believes in not only understanding current issues, but also how past experiences may impact the lens through which we see the present and future. Jack’s special clinical interests include behavioral health, addictive behaviors, assessment, and sport psychology.

Lorin Leake, Post-Master’s Fellow

MSW., (2019) LCSWA

I am passionate about working with young adults who are navigating life transitions. As a generalist counselor I can support you with a variety of concerns, but I have previous experience and special interest in eating and body image concerns, anxiety, racial/ethnic and LGBTQIA+ identity development, spirituality, social justice, Veterans’ concerns, and healing from trauma and sexual violence. I draw upon a combination of theories including psychodynamic, relational, cognitive behavioral, and Internal Family Systems therapy. I believe you already possess everything you need for healing within you, so I strive to provide a caring, safe, collaborative relationship where you can be heard and explore whatever concerns brought you to the counseling center today.

Cayleigh Reeder, Doctoral Psychology Intern

M.S. (2017)

My therapeutic approach draws from both the cognitive behavioral (CBT) and psychodynamic models of therapy. I aim to create a safe and open environment where we can work collaboratively to achieve your treatment goals. As a result of my generalist training, I love to help people with a variety of presenting concerns, including depression, anxiety, self-esteem difficulties, adjustment issues, and identity development. I also have previous experience and particular interest in working with family dysfunction, interpersonal difficulties and unhealthy relationships, trauma histories, and eating disorder concerns.

Samuel Stinson, Psychiatry Resident

M.D. (2019)

Currently in residency at UNC Chapel Hill with plan to go into rural general psychiatry. Current training includes growing competency in psychodynamic psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, supportive psychotherapy, and general medication management.

Andrea Wallenbeck, Post-Master’s Fellow

MSW., (2020) LCMHCA

Kate Williams, Post-Master’s Fellow

M.A., (2020) LCMHCA

Erika Wright, Doctoral Psychology Intern

M.Ed. (2017)

My professional interests include grief, trauma, spirituality, women’s issues, identity development, supervision, and group counseling. I also have growing interests in professional ethics and theoretical orientation, which are probably connected with my abstract thinking style.

Amanda Tow, Psychiatry Resident

Brittany Vasquez, Psychiatry Fellow