Doctoral Psychology Interns, Post-Master’s Fellows

Andrea Wallenbeck, Post-Master’s Fellow

Professionally, I am interested in issues of access and accessibility in education and mental health resources. I come to counseling from years as a elementary and middle grades teacher. I have a particular interest in Latinx students, first generation students, international students, and students with differing abilities. I have experience with students on the autism spectrum. I enjoy working with clients concerning their spirituality and wellbeing. I am interested in building movement, art and elements of nature into work with clients.

Mala Chintalapudi, Post-Master’s Fellow

M.Ed., (2020) LCMHCA, NCC

As a counselor, I use Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT) as a framework to understand human experience. I use visual arts, mindfulness and experiential techniques to help clients pursue a rich, values-driven life. I am originally from India, but have lived in the United States for several years.  I have a special interest in collaborating with International students and helping them navigate cross cultural barriers and explore how our individual and collective identities influence our life experiences.

Kate Williams, Post-Master’s Fellow

M.A., (2020) LCMHCA

Interested in developing generalist skills, incorporating neuroscience into counseling, and trauma. Long term, would love to stay in college counseling and eventually pursue a doctorate in counselor education.

Angelica Velez-Giraldo, Doctoral Psychology Intern

Jennifer Archer, Doctoral Psychology Intern

Lauren Clinton, Doctoral Psychology Intern

Interests Include: Addictive behaviors (emphasis on substance use and risky sexual practices), trauma/C-PTSD, interpersonal/sexual violence, relationships, personality disorders, sexual empowerment/satisfaction.