Graduate Assistants

Giovanni Häertel, Graduate Assistant

M.Ed. (2010) Counselor Education, University of North Florida

Interests Include:  Human Sexuality  / Queer Studies  / Identity Development  / People of Color

Works primarily as a Graduate Assistant with our Academic Counseling Services helping students with the Withdrawal Process.

Tabitha Haynes, Graduate Assistant

M.A. (2010) Mental Health Counseling, North Carolina Central University

Interests Include:  My interests include: anxiety, depression, childhood trauma, multicultural counseling competency, gender roles/issues, racial/ethnic disparities in mental health, outreach and prevention. As a person-centered professional, I believe that we have a remarkable capacity for self-healing and personal growth leading towards self-actualization. Counseling is a collaborative effort and equal partnership. My current research efforts focus on African American women, feminist perspectives in counseling, empowerment and strength. I believe that the basic principles of advocacy — helping people to be their best — is a fundamental part of the counseling profession. Being supportive and compassionate, are at the core of my professional counseling identity. I have a strong interest in educating and instructing students, as well as, other professionals in the area of counseling supervision, mental health stigma among communities of color, diversity, and cultural competence..