Career Planning and Management

Career planning and management continue throughout your professional life. Planning carefully prepares you to cope with changes both in your work and in yourself. Managing your career effectively involves taking risks, learning new skills, and adapting to changes in both work environment and technology. If you learn to plan strategically, you will be able to make effective career choices throughout your professional life. The Counseling Center provides several online career assessment tools.

Writing Résumés

An effective résumé persuades an employer to contact you for an interview. You’ll need to communicate your strengths and interests quickly and clearly! The University Career Center provides tips for resume writing.

Cover Letters

A cover letter should always accompany a résumé, even if you apply for a job online. A well-written cover letter states what your résumé does not. Use your cover letter to show an employer that you are the best fit for the position. You may also want to review additional tips and samples for cover letter writing.

Job Interviews

Although a job interview gives an employer an opportunity to evaluate you, it is also an opportunity for you to evaluate the employer. Therefore it is important that you prepare for the interview ahead of time. Anticipate questions the employer might ask, and think about how you will answer them. Your impression during the interview can make the difference between a job offer and a rejection letter. The Career Center provides an “Interviewing Tips” video to help you through the interview process.

Online Resources on Career Planning and Management