Ag and Sciences Wellness Program

The College of Ag and Life Sciences and the College of Sciences have partnered to create the Ag and Sciences Wellness Program to support our students.

Asking for support is both normal and courageous. The College of Ag and Life Sciences and the College of Sciences have partnered to create the Ag and Sciences Wellness Program to help support our students’ mental health needs.

As part of the Ag and Sciences Wellness Program, currently enrolled undergraduate and graduate students and eligible postdocs can access specialized counseling services. Students are encouraged to explore personal, interpersonal, academic, and professional concerns that may be impacting their well-being.

Meet the CALS and COS Embedded Counselor

Luke Strawn (He/Him/His), LCHMC

Luke, a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor Associate, is our Ag and Sciences Counselor. Luke obtained his Master’s degree in Counselor Education in 2017 and completed his practicum and internship with the NCSU Counseling Center, before rejoining their staff. His post-graduate experience focuses on working with college students on a variety of issues including addictive behavior, identity development, anxiety, depression, grief, and academic success. Luke approaches counseling through a person-centered lens while also implementing techniques associated with mindfulness and unconditional positive regard. He firmly believes that every individual has their own story, shaped by identities and experiences, and that a healing and supportive space is created when we honor those stories.

Luke is originally from Florida but has found his home in Raleigh, NC with his partner and three pups. He has been sorted into Slytherin, enjoys his weekly boardgaming sessions with friends, and holds Halloween as his favorite holiday. 


Drop-in hours are Tuesdays from 3-5 p.m. and Wednesdays 10-11 a.m. in the Bureau of Mines Building.

Drop-in hours serve as an opportunity to speak one-on-one with Luke, learn about the Counseling Center services, and discuss how these services intersect to best support you.

Scheduled one-on-one appointments: Based on your schedule – visit Getting Started via the Counseling Center to make an appointment.

As needed/requested! Email Luke at if you’d like to discuss a group opportunity for you and your classmates.

Request mental health and wellness training or outreach programs with the embedded counselor by filling out the outreach request form.


Drop-in hours and future groups will take place in the newly renovated Bureau of Mines Building (2500 Yarbrough Dr, Raleigh, NC)

One-on-one appointments will take place virtually or in-person at Luke’s office in Patterson Hall.

Additional Information


  • Preserving confidentiality is crucial to building community trust. Your confidentiality is taken very seriously. Unless you give written permission, the only reasons for breaking confidentiality entail situations that seem life-threatening. Even in these situations, Luke will do everything he can to enlist your agreement and cooperation.


  • There is no charge for services. Services are included in your student fees.

In Case of a Mental Health Emergency

  • Contact the NC State Counseling Center at 919.515.2423
    • If the emergency is after regular business hours, select option 2 after calling to speak with the on-call counselor.
  • In the case of a life-threatening emergency, call 911.
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Data from this page is solely used to ascertain needs of students and level of use of the Ag and Sciences Wellness Program. Your data is anonymous and not identifiable.