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How Can I Get Involved to Prevent Interpersonal Violence?

  • Educate yourself and your peers about consent, sexuality, and healthy relationships. Encourage your friends and peers to understand their own sense of boundaries, healthy relationships, and safety. Create spaces where you and your friends/family/peers can safely address concerns about relationships, sexuality, personal safety, and consent.
  • Educate yourself on interpersonal violence facts and speak up when you hear others spreading myths. Empower your friends and peers to feel that they can speak up against myths and survivor-shaming behavior.
  • Empower yourself to engage in safe and appropriate bystander interventions. Sexual and relational violence are often allowed to occur due to the lack of bystander interventions. Learn how to recognize sexual and relational violence when it is occurring and how to effectively and safely intervene.
  • Engage in survivor-friendly social media. Seek out Tumblr, Twitter, and/or Instagram accounts that promote healthy relationships and consent culture. If you feel comfortable, confront social media behavior and messages that promote unhealthy relationships, relational violence, sexual assault, and survivor-shaming.
  • Learn now to be more involved through events posted on the NC State’s Red Flag Campaign’s Facebook page and the Women’s Center’s website.
  • Consider joining the It’s On Us campaign.
  • Consider becoming an Interact volunteerWomen’s Center volunteer, or a Mental Health Ambassador for the Counseling Center.