Summer Fees


The cost of the fee is $60 PER Summer Session and is payable at the Student Health Cashier’s Office – this fee can be billed through their student account. There are two summer sessions, $120 to be seen throughout the whole summer, excluding psychiatry charges.

Students enrolled in Summer Session I or II do not have to pay the fee for the respective summer session they are enrolled; the fee has already been covered in their summer session tuition and fees.

If you are experiencing a financial hardship and are unable to pay the Summer Session fees, there may be assistance to help offset the cost. Please discuss your needs with the counselor you meet with during your initial triage appointment so that they may explain the available options.

SHS Pharmacy remains available to students without paying the fee.

Students Seeking Academic services: Retroactive Withdrawals, Course Drops, Psychological Withdrawals, do no incur any Summer Session fee(s). This does not pertain to issues such as study skills, ADHD coaching, etc. 


Students are eligible for services if previously enrolled for the Spring 2022 semester or if enrolled in summer classes.

Students that graduated in Spring 2022 can pay the summer session fee(s) and receive services over the summer. 

Withdrawing from Spring 2022 might affect eligibility of services, contact the Counseling Center for more information at 919.515.2423.