Town Hall Meeting on Race

The Counseling Center proudly participated in January 13th’s Town Hall meeting on Race. We are pleased to be part of a community of students, faculty, and staff who seek to make NC State an open and inclusive place for all. Four calls to action were proposed by student leaders:

  1. More diversity skills training of student leaders to assist with creating a more inclusive environment.
  2. Mandatory diversity trainings for incoming freshman.
  3. A student-led process (such as an honor court) for non-academic misconduct.
  4. More institutional support for the Asian-American student community.

As a show of commitment to NC State students and the emotional well-being of all groups represented in our multicultural community, the Counseling Center pledges to provide assistance with the above items (including presenting elements such as trainings, program development, or useful data) and offer any other support needed to meet these goals.  

We invite you to reach out to our Assistant Director of Outreach and Prevention, Angel Bowers, to discuss how we may be of help.  

Please follow the link for more information on the Town Hall meeting:
Technician: Student leaders question racial climate on campus