Training Philosophy – Counseling Practicum and Internship (Master’s Level)

We feel that learning is developmental, and that trainees have different needs that change with time and experience.  We wish to support interns in both their personal and professional growth. We wish trainees to continually seek awareness of self and use this information to define strengths and areas for growth. It is our hope that examination of personal values will help trainees discover the impact of their beliefs on professional functioning. Increased personal awareness should assist trainees in understanding their role in interpersonal dynamics and their role in personal and professional interactions. We hope that in engaging their tenets, trainees will develop a desire to contribute to the profession and to society as a whole.

Diversity is an essential part of our Center’s core values. Our Center is dedicated to fostering an appreciation of diversity.  Trainees are encouraged to explore their beliefs, attitudes and skills in order to assess and increase their multicultural competence. Since we put an emphasis on personal understanding as part of professional development, we acknowledge that trainees may be asked to consider issues that are somewhat personal in nature. We make every effort to provide a safe and nurturing environment that respects disclosure and protects trainees’ confidentiality.

The Counseling practicum and internship training program serves to meet or exceed the requirements for graduate placement as outlined in a trainee’s graduate program. We strive to build strong relationships with graduate programs that seek to place trainees in our setting.  Any specific questions about exceptions or additional resources can be directed to the training coordinator.

In support of our desire to foster diversity, our Center is committed to developing diversity training for our staff. We have a Muticultural Task Force that looks at varying aspects of diversity issues relating to our Center’s practice and to provide the best support we can to NC State students and trainees. We attempt to recruit diverse staff and trainees, and consistently work to ensure that our Center is welcoming to students and staff from all backgrounds.

Program Values

  • To foster respect for differences and an appreciation of diversity.
  • A multidisciplinary staff is ideal in sharing a number of perspectives, skills, and experiences, and that more value is gained from this exchange.  All members of the staff are equally valued for their contributions regardless of discipline or years of training and experience.
  • Training and supervision should be provided by highly qualified individuals who have a passion for and dedication to working with developing professionals.
  • Ethical behavior is the core of professional development and is essential in any role model or agency wishing to provide training.
  • Trainees should be encouraged to  learn from supervisors, mentors and peers.

Training Goals

  • Solidify clinical skills, prepare for a professional position, and develop a sensitivity to issues of differences among people
  • Integration of values, skills and experience
  • Learn professional behavior and understand the values of the profession
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Value ethical responsibility