How to Make a Referral

If in mild to moderate distress (no safety concerns):

  • Talk to them about your concerns & recommend that they come by or check out the website: (our web “hits” doubled in the past year).
  • Offer to come with them if they want. Be sure to explain what to expect and that counseling is free and confidential.
  • Check in with the student later to see how they are doing (this is very important to them).
  • If they choose not to go to the Counseling Center, don’t be pushy…it often takes a few referrals to get them in. Have an open-door policy and be there to support them.

If in severe distress or crisis (safety concerns are present):

  • During business hours (8-5) call (919.515.2423) or walk the student over to the Counseling Center. After hours, call 919.515.2423 and select the option to access the on-call counselor.
  • Speak with the counselor on-call about the situation. The counselor will usually then speak with the student.
  • Stay with the student until campus police arrives. Use reflective/active listening. Reassure them that campus police will be there to help them.
  • If you are not with the student, call the Counseling Center (919.515.2423), Student Behavioral Case Manager (919.515.2963) or Violence Prevention and Threat Management (919.513.4224 or 919.513.4315) to consult.
  • If at any time the situation becomes an emergency, call campus police at 919.515.3000 or 911 from campus.