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Withdrawal from All Courses

Effective 8/17/16, requests to withdraw (i.e., drop all classes) for a current term are no longer initiated through the Counseling Center. Instead, withdraw requests are initiated through a secure MyPack Portal procedure:

Sign in to MyPack Portal> Student Self Service> Enrollment> Term Withdraw

Important information for Undergraduate, Agricultural Institute, and Non-Degree Studies Students on term withdrawal is available through Student Services.

Important information for Graduate Students on term withdrawal is available on the Graduate School website.

Retroactive Withdrawal Requests

Requests from degree students to drop all courses for a previous term (i.e., retroactive withdrawal) are still initiated through the Counseling Center until further notice by using forms available in the Center, or available for download from the Center’s website.

Requests from non-degree students to drop all courses for a previous term are initiated through Registration and Records.  Please contact the Department of Registration and Records at 919.515.2572 for more information.

Requests for Counseling Center Support for Psychological Withdrawals

After the drop/revision deadline in a semester, withdrawal requests require approval from your college based on documented extenuating, unavoidable, and unforeseeable circumstances.  In some cases involving psychological/emotional grounds, the Counseling Center might assist in evaluation of those grounds and, with your permission, provide an opinion to your academic Dean.

MyPack Portal will give you the option to explain how psychological/emotional factors affected the semester from which you are requesting to withdraw and to upload documentation (e.g., from off-campus providers) in support of your withdrawal.  You may choose that route if you are comfortable in sharing information in that manner and believe that the documentation that you provide is sufficient.

However, you may request the Counseling Center to evaluate your psychological/emotional grounds for withdrawal because they involve sensitive information for which you would like an extra degree of privacy/confidentiality and/or if you do not have sufficient documentation from outside providers. In addition, your Academic Dean may review your MyPack Portal information and route the request to the Counseling Center for further evaluation of the psychological grounds for your withdrawal (including psychiatric grounds of a medical nature).  In these cases, you may be asked to submit additional documentation to the Counseling Center from off-campus providers and/or to discuss details of the psychological grounds with one of our counselors.  With your permission, the Center will communicate an opinion to your Dean (who will make the final decision).

If you need to meet with a counselor to verify documented psychological grounds for withdrawal, please come to the Center during our academic walk-in hours.