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Eligibility and Costs


Currently enrolled NC State students who have paid their student fees can access services through the Counseling Center. This includes:

  • Undergraduates 
  • Graduate students 
  • Eligible post-doc fellows

Visit Campus Health to get more details about eligibility.

Counseling Costs

The expense of counseling is covered by your student fees. That means there’s no additional cost to you.

Counseling services include: 

See all counseling services.

Psychiatry Costs

You’re eligible for two psychiatric appointments without any additional cost. 

Learn more about psychiatric services and costs. 

Summer Fees

If you’re enrolled in the spring and fall but not summer, you may be seen at the Counseling Center during summer as long as you have paid the Summer Campus Health Services Fee. If you graduate in May, our case managers will assist you in getting connected off campus. 

Appointment Cancellations

If you can’t keep an appointment at the Counseling Center, you must cancel or reschedule it at least 24 hours in advance to avoid a $25 charge.

If you find yourself unable to keep or need to reschedule your appointment at the Counseling Center, please call us at 919.515.2423 or you can submit this form electronically.