Career Counseling

The Counseling Center provides career assessment instruments that allow you to explore your individual interests (through the Strong Interest Inventory) and personality characteristics (through the Myers Briggs Type Indicator). Although there is no single test to help you determine the best career for you, the answers you provide on career assessments match you with jobs or job families that others with similar characteristics to yours have found satisfying.

In a few 50-minute sessions with a career counselor, you may complete assessments, which are available for a nominal fee, in addition to discussing concerns with your counselor. These sessions will
focus on decision-making, self-confidence, values conflicts, fears, and strategies for moving forward. Career counseling can help you determine your academic major or explore an area of increased interest while helping you to plan your career. A career counselor listens to your concerns, responds to your ideas, gives you feedback, teaches you how to make career decisions, and helps you formulate academic and career goals.

If you have career questions or concerns and would like to complete a career assessment instrument(s), please call the Counseling Center at 919-515-2423 or visit us in person to schedule a career assessment session. You may also wish to complete an online career assessment.