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Clinical Staff

A diverse group of individuals composes the Counseling Center’s staff. Our staff’s varied ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, theoretical orientation, and expertise reflect its diversity. Our staff members are generalists skilled at responding to a wide range of issues typical of a university counseling center. Counselors also possess individual skills and interests that help them address the needs and issues of the diverse community of our students.

The NC State Counseling Center is accredited by the International Association of Counseling Services.

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Juanita Bobo

Triage Clinician

Jessica Fundaro

Clinical Coordinator

Daniel Goldberg

Academic Counseling Coordinator

Lynn Gupton

Clinical Case Manager

Olga Iefremova-Carson

Assessment Coordinator

Kayla Jordan

Triage Clinician

Yuka Kato

Interpersonal Violence Treatment Coordinator

Elizabeth Lancaster

Threat, Risk and Crisis Team Coordinator

Gwenn Mangine

Triage Clinician

Kelsey A. McKaplan

Master's Level Training Coordinator

Kim Nguyen-Dinh

Addictive Behavior Coordinator

Victoria Potocki

Coordinator of Eating Concerns

Lauren Rivenbark

Triage Clinician

Katelyn Swan

Triage Clinician

Rosa White

Clinical Case Manager