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Students make their way to class early in the 2022 fall semester across the Court of North Carolina, with the 1911 Building as a backdrop.

Embedded Counseling

Find mental health support where you are — within your college

Sometimes the biggest barrier to getting the mental health support you need is time and distance. It can seem like too much to go to the Counseling Center when you’re busy with everything else in your life. 

We don’t want any barriers coming between you and getting help with your mental health. That’s why we have embedded counselors within each college. 

What is Embedded Counseling? 

Embedded counseling is the same as the counseling services we offer at the Counseling Center, only the counselors have offices within your college. 

Our embedded counselors have the same training and qualifications as counselors at the Counseling Center.  And just like at the Counseling Center, your visits are confidential, protected by state and federal privacy laws.

Benefits of Embedded Counseling

Embedded counseling is more convenient for you: 

  • Appointments can better fit into your schedule.
  • There’s no need to go to the Counseling Center.
  • Embedded counselors are more familiar with the culture and demands of your college. 
  • If your embedded counselor isn’t available, you can still access help through the Counseling Center. 

In addition, faculty and staff at each college have more opportunities to collaborate with embedded counselors to help students in need. 

Embedded Counseling Services

Our embedded counselors can help you with whatever support you need, including:

Get Started with Embedded Counseling

To make an appointment with your embedded counselor, choose your college below or call 919.515.2423.