We’re here to listen.  Students speak to us about things that upset, frighten, confuse, thrill, sadden, or anger them.

Although our counselors don’t provide specific advice, the simple act of talking and listening in a confidential, non-judgmental environment can help you gain clarity, self-confidence, and hope for the future.

We take your confidentiality seriously. We break confidentiality only in situations that to us seem life threatening. Even in these situations, however, we do everything we can to enlist your agreement and cooperation.

Our counseling services for students include

  • Personal counseling: For those seeking individual counseling or couples counseling.
  • Addictive behaviors counseling: For those who are struggling with alcohol or drug problems
  • Academic counseling: For students who have academic concerns, such as poor grades, test anxiety or learning disabilities, or who need to make semester withdrawal requests
  • Group counseling: For those who’d like to meet with others in small-group setting to discuss specific problems or topics
  • Career counseling: For students seeking guidance on academic or career issues, including career assessments tests
  • Psychiatric services: For evaluation and prescription of medicine to address psychological concerns.
  • Veteran counseling: For servicemen and women who would like counseling that addresses their unique background and needs

Helping a Student in Need

The Counseling Center consults with university students, faculty, staff, and parents who are concerned about the unusual, problematic, or potentially harmful behavior of others.

If you’re concerned about someone’s mental health, please visit us or call us at 919.515.2423.

In person or over the phone, a staff member will explore your concerns and help you develop ideas for dealing effectively with the situation. If circumstances warrant, we’ll also help you find professional help for the person either at the Counseling Center or in the community.

Consultation Services

Although we are primarily a student service department, we also provide consultation services such as:

  • Consultation with faculty, staff, or parents about how to help a student in distress
  • Liaison relationships between our staff and many campus organizations to assure continuity of care and timely exchange of important information
  • Program planning and in-service training
  • Orientation to our services