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Doctoral Psychology Internship


We have a multidisciplinary team working together to provide relevant professional development growth opportunities for doctoral psychology students. Our fast paced center is housed within the Campus Health Center at NC State University. The center values training, mentoring, and support for clinicians who are pursuing licensure. The strengths of our center include a large dedicated staff with diverse areas of expertise, a commitment to professional development and growth, and flexibility to help clinicians meet their own professional goals while gaining experience similar to generalist clinicians working in college counseling.

For more information or questions, please contact:
Erin L. Higgenbotham, Ph.D., HSP-P
Interim Assistant Director of Doctoral Psychology Training

About the program

The Doctoral Psychology Internship is designed to prepare early career individuals for a staff position in a University Counseling Center  working as part of a multidisciplinary team. There are several openings for this position so that a cohort type approach can be utilized. This experience provides a series of training (risk assessment,  leadership and professional identity development) germane to this provisional licensure stage of development.  Clinical Supervision will be provided.

The Counseling Center prioritizes training as a whole, emphasizing opportunities for professional development and continuing education. We believe in flexibility that can adapt to evolving needs of clinicians. 

Diversity is a core value here at NC State’s Counseling Center. Doctoral Psychology Interns are encouraged to explore their beliefs, attitudes and skills in order to assess and increase their cultural awareness, cultural humility, and anti-racist practices. Furthermore, the emphasis placed upon personal understanding as part of professional development may require that Doctoral Psychology Interns be asked to consider issues that are somewhat personal in nature. Every effort is made to provide a safe and nurturing environment which respects disclosure and protects Doctoral Psychology Interns’ confidentiality.

In support of the desire to foster cultural awareness, cultural humility and anti-racist practices, the Counseling Center is committed to developing training for staff. The Counseling Center recognizes that factors such as race or ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, religion, and range of ability affect college students’ lives and sometimes present unique challenges. The Counseling Center values each student’s individuality and commits to welcoming all people with respect and sensitivity. Counseling Center staff also attends to their own professional development by participating in training and programs designed to enhance their understanding of the needs of diverse people.

In alignment with the master’s and doctoral level training programs, the Doctoral Psychology Internship is grounded in the Practitioner-Scholar Model. As practitioners, we value the learning that comes through direct service experiences and thoughtful self-reflection. As scholars, we recognize the importance of theory, research, intentionality, and critical thinking.