Doctoral Psychology Internship

The Doctoral Psychology Internship will not be accepting Doctoral Psychology Interns for the 2023-2024 Training Year, and for the foreseeable future.  The program will be on inactive status beginning on 8/1/2023.  

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you as you endeavor to learn more about the Doctoral Psychology Internship here at North Carolina State University’s Counseling Center.  Here at the Counseling Center, we are in the midst of an exciting time of expansion, including expansion of our training programs.  The Doctoral Psychology Internship began providing training during the Fall of 2014, and started with a cohort of two.  Moving into the Fall of 2015, we expanded the cohort to 3 and expanded the cohort to 4 during the 2016-2017 internship year.  We had a cohort of 4 on campus for the 2019-2020 internship year, but will begin to offer 3 full-time positions for the 2020-2021 internship year and beyond with a stipend of $38,000, with vacation, sick,  and professional development time provided.  The decision to reduce cohort size is not financial in nature, but more of a response to being aware that 3 Doctoral Interns will make our training experience richer, and will provide more opportunity for generalist experiences.  It is also our goal to provide adequate opportunity for Areas of Focus.  Three interns will have  richer Area of Focus experiences, due to less competition for resources. Our training staff is multidisciplinary, and Doctoral Psychology Interns will have the opportunity to learn from and work with psychologists, counselors, social workers and psychiatrists.   Additionally, we are currently members of the Association of Psychology Postdoctoral and Internship Centers (APPIC), and in July of 2018 we were granted “accredited” status by the American Psychological Association.  This means that our program has been reviewed by the Commission on Accreditation, and we have been granted full accreditation until 2023.

As doctoral interns train with us, they will notice that our training model is developmental in nature.  We work to create learning experiences for interns which are unique and based upon feedback from interns regarding their needs, abilities and career aspirations.  As a training staff, we are dedicated to understanding these needs, abilities and career aspirations, with the intention of providing the most useful training environment for each intern.  Our staff are diverse in training and theoretical orientation, and are excited to share their knowledge.  As a staff, we are also dedicated to continuing development around cultural humility and anti-racism, and appreciate interns who strive to develop this same piece of professional identity.  Thank you for exploring our site as you learn more about our training philosophy, and the day-to-day functioning of the Doctoral Psychology Internship here at NC State’s Counseling Center.  Please let me know if you have any questions. You can reach me at


Chris Carden, Ph.D.
Assistant Director for Doctoral Psychology Training

Internship Program Description

The Counseling Center offers trainees the opportunity in virtually ever area of center functioning to provide a rich training experience and preparation to enter the mental health care field. Learn more.

Aims of the Training Program

We feel that learning is developmental, and that trainees have different needs that change with time and experience.  We wish to support interns in both their personal and professional growth. Learn more.

Profession-Wide Competencies and Training Process

The NC State training program is based on the idea that good training is delivered via a developmental, sequential training process. As practitioners, we value the learning that comes through direct experience with others and thoughtful self-reflection. As scholars, we recognize the importance of theory, research and critical thinking. Learn more.

Sample Weekly Schedule

A sample 40-hour weekly schedule is provided. While the experiences described in this section generally remain constant, the specific number of hours devoted to each activity may vary. Learn more.

Evaluation Procedures

All staff involved in training will give feedback designed to both support and challenge the trainee’s development. Learn more.

Internship Admissions, Support, and Initial Placement Data

The Doctoral Psychology Internship is a full-time, one year, paid internship. Learn more.

Application Process

Complete description of the application process, required materials, and deadlines. Learn more.

Past and Current DPI Cohorts

A list of the past cohorts, plus the current cohort of DPIs (Doctoral Psychology Interns). Learn more.