Case Management and Off-Campus Referrals

The Counseling Center is proud to offer case management services for students. Some students may find that they are in need of services outside of the Counseling Center. Connecting with a mental health professional in the community, whether in the Raleigh area or back home during semester breaks or after graduation, is a new process for many students. The case managers aim to make this process less stressful. To get connected with a case manager, please call 919.515.2423 and initiate the triage process.

Case Managers are available at the Counseling Center to:

  • Meet with students to help determine goals for therapy, access to services, and appropriate level of care.
  • Provide students with a list of providers that meet their individualized needs, are accessible, and provide services at a reasonable fee given students’ financial resources.
  • Direct students to appropriate assistance for concerns related to insurance and coverage for mental health services.
  • Problem solve about any obstacles (cost, transportation, time) that may arise.
  • Provide follow-up support to students to ensure that a strong connection has been made with an outside provider.
  • Additional referral support if needed.

Examples for Needing an Off-Campus Referral: 

  • Request for formal psychological assessment (e.g., ADHD or psychoeducational evaluations)
  • Request for medications not prescribed by Counseling Center’s psychiatrists
  • Request for services to fulfill students’ court-mandated assessment or treatment requirements
  • A desire or need to be seen weekly or more than once a week
  • A desire or need for ongoing long-term therapy (e.g., more than 6 sessions)

Referral Database 

The NC State University Counseling Center offers the following information about mental health referral resources in the community. Please utilize the off-campus referral database, MiResource, to search for off-campus services if you want longer-term treatment, specialized services, prefer an off-campus provider, or if you are ineligible to receive Counseling Center services.

For Outside Providers 

The Counseling Center maintains a database of off-campus mental health professionals, information regarding their practices, and their areas of therapeutic specialty.  This allows us to refer students to appropriate off-campus resources when their needs are beyond our on-campus services.  If you would like to be included in our referral database, or if you would like to update information about your practice, please contact our office at