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A student walks towards the end of the Free Expression tunnel towards the light.

Mental Health Matters

The Counseling Center provides mental health services and resources to students — together we can create a thriving community for all students.

Our Providers

Our staff are generalists skilled at responding to a wide range of issues typical of a university counseling center. Counselors also possess individual skills and interests that help them address the needs and issues of our diverse community of students.

Embedded Counseling

As part of our commitment to strengthen wellness services on campus, we are expanding our counseling services beyond the walls of the Counseling Center. Our embedded counseling program is growing with appointments and drop-in hours near you and your classes.

Find mental health support where you are — within your college.

Students head from the Brickyard in the direction of Hillsborough Street on a pleasant November afternoon
Students head from the Brickyard in the direction of Hillsborough Street on a pleasant November 2019 afternoon. Photo by Becky Kirkland.

Wrapping up #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth with gratitude for our incredible mental health ambassadors! 🌟 Read the Q&A with Lilly at the link in our bio 🔗

#LightenYourPack #NCStateStudentLife #MentalHealthMonth

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✅ What is 1.5 ounces? ✅

For Alcohol and Other Drugs Awareness Month, we tested the knowledge of the Wolfpack!

Category is ✨ounces of liquor in a standard drink✨

Check out the link in our bio for events, trainings, and resources 🔗

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Mental Health Ambassador Mondays 🌱

Meet our MHA Monday spotlight, Lilly Kirn!

Lilly is a sophomore from Holly Springs, NC and is studying General Psychology 🧠

Fun Facts: She is obsessed with Diet Coke 🥤

💭 Q&A: Why did you decide to join MHA?
“Whole body wellness and health is extremely important to me. Mental Health is one of the most important, but often overlooked, aspects to comprehensive wellness and is so vital to an individuals quality of life. Especially college students who are going through social, mental, physical changes and more.”

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