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Building Healthy Relationships

The development of healthy relationships is of concern to everyone. Healthy relationships allow individuality, bring out the best in both people, and invite personal growth.

Developing Closeness

It can be really scary to consider opening yourself up to be close to others; it requires a lot of vulnerability. You may be worried that others may reject you or judge you. Sometimes, we are embarrassed or ashamed of our past experiences and are afraid to share them with others. This fear is normal. Developing closeness to others is a risk that comes with a big reward, if we open ourselves up to the right people. It can be hard to know who the right people are that we should open ourselves up to. Sometimes it requires trial and error, as well as taking emotional risks, for us to find out who we can trust with our vulnerable selves. 

Rewards for Conquering the Fear of Closeness

When we conquer our fear of closeness, we allow others to show us love and care. Closing ourselves off to others, often leaves us feeling alone and isolated. You don’t have to go through life along. Developing friendships and relationships with others can create a network of support. Friends or loves ones can be there for us when we are sad, lonely, confused, or upset. You don’t have to go through life alone.